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Annie Fisher Montessori Magnet School offers children ages three to thirteen years old a free, public Montessori education implemented to the highest standards set by Association Montessori Internationale. The Annie Fisher Montessori program seeks to develop in students the power to shape their own lives and the world around them while embracing its racially, ethnically and economically diverse school community.


Annie Fisher Montessori was founded in 2008. It is one of 20 magnet programs within Hartford Public Schools. The vision of these magnet schools was born from the 1996 court settlement of Sheff vs. O’Neill that originated from Annie Fisher School student Milo Sheff against the then Connecticut Governor. A landmark civil rights case, the Sheff agreement strives to break down the barriers of racial and economic isolation of Hartford children and to provide integrated education for all. Driven by the Sheff vision, Annie Fisher Montessori currently draws half of its student population from Hartford and half from thirty surrounding towns. The school offers a beautiful balance of races and ethnicities.

At its founding Annie Fisher Montessori was a modest school of six classrooms serving three to six year olds. It has since grown to become a thriving educational institution accommodating children three to thirteen years old. 

In 2009 Annie Fisher Montessori moved into its namesake building. Annie Fisher (1883-1968) was a Russian Jewish immigrant who, despite the prejudices of the time, served both as the first female principal and the first female superintendent in the city of Hartford. The school proudly furthers the pioneering leadership of Annie Fisher and the world-wide influence of Dr. Maria Montessori.