IMG 0514 face0Welcome to our website! Here you will find information about our school, our community of families and the Montessori method of education. I invite you to read widely through this site and learn all that Annie Fisher Montessori has to offer.

The Montessori method has been in use for over 110 years and is known worldwide with over 20,000 Montessori schools in 125 countries. A Montessori education encourages in each child innovative thinking and a love of learning. Famous Montessori graduates include the founders of Amazon, Google and Wikipedia. Here at Annie Fisher we also expect students leaving the Hartford Public Schools Montessori pathway to have a vision of what society can become and the drive and ingenuity to achieve that end.

Annie Fisher Montessori is a vibrant community drawing half of its students from Hartford and half from thirty surrounding towns. The school offers a beautiful balance of races and ethnicities. Our campus is in the northwest part of Hartford, nestled along the city’s western edge where West Hartford, Bloomfield and Hartford merge. The school grounds border the University of Hartford and include a riverside classroom and a field for cultivation.

Annie Fisher Montessori has a dedicated staff that adheres to an international standard of Montessori implementation. Ours is an exciting vision that boldly advances Dr. Maria Montessori’s life’s work of child-centered education as a means to social reform. Daily we are inspired by the beauty and enthusiasm of our students and by the nobility of our endeavor.

We consider our community a family. I encourage you to stop by for a visit so we can share with you this amazing school.

Vivian Novo-MacDonald