Every year AFM offers an informative and valuable educational series called Parents as Partners. This series allows parents to emerge themselves into a Montessori experience. Topics have included:

Freedom & Responsibility Development

Freedom and responsibility/development is one of the core principles of the Montessori philosophy. Developing this, both in the classroom and at home, aids your child in developing to his/her full potential. Please join us to learn how freedom and responsibility/development are supported through the child’s different planes of development.


As a public Montessori school we participate in the various district assessments. There are several screenings that happen in Primary to evaluate students’ progress in both oral language development as well as reading. In Elementary, students move to computer-based assessments that review progress in both Literacy and Math. Come and learn about these assessments and how we use the information to help our learners grow.

Classroom Curriculum

Do you wonder what your child means when they say they learned spooning, or detective adjective or checkerboard? What exactly are the science experiments they are doing and why? Discover the genius of Montessori in both the classroom materials and methods at this presentation in the Parents as Partners Education Series.