maria montessoriMaria Montessori was one of the first women to earn her medical degree in Italy in 1896. As a scientist, a woman and a social reformer, she was active in supporting the cause of women, children with special needs, and the poor and sick of Rome. The Montessori method was the unforeseen outcome of her efforts to provide childcare for preschool children in the slums of San Lorenzo. In creating a clean and caring environment where these children could live and play in harmony, Montessori discovered that children are born to learn – what they needed was an environment where they could have the freedom and resources to support that learning. As a scientist, Dr. Montessori spent the next four decades of her life, observing children and creating activities and environments that supported their learning. This work is what we call the Montessori method today.

Dr. Montessori’s work however, rapidly expanded beyond education to address the question of equity and justice for the child. Decades before the UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child, Dr. Montessori called for establishing a Social Party of the Child to work on behalf of the rights of children everywhere.

Scientist, Philosopher, Social reformer, Educationist, in all her many roles, Dr. Montessori was first and always the “Interpreter of the Child”. Her insight into the Psychology of the Child and the Nature of Childhood is today being confirmed by Developmental Psychologists and Neuroscientists. Her work in the field of education is based on a solid foundation of research and has proved its validity over decades of practice in over 120 countries.

Annie Fisher Montessori is proud to continue Dr. Montessori’s legacy on behalf of children…