Dr. Maria Montessori began her revolution in education more than one hundred years ago. Now brain science is confirming the effectiveness of her method; famous high-tech innovators are attributing their success to their Montessori upbringing; and the business world is using the Montessori classroom as the model to rethink the workplace. Take a look at this selection of recent media discussions of Montessori and find out what everyone is talking about!


Google founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, interviewed by Barbara Walters

Will Wright, videogame designer, speaking at a TED conference (first 2 minutes are on Montessori)


Angeline Lillard, "New Study Shows Montessori Can Level the Playing Field for Low-Income Kids," posted November 8, 2017

Laura Flores Shaw, "Montessori: The Missing Voice in the Education Reform Debate," posted January 27, 2012.

Peter Sims, "The Montessori Mafia," Wall Street Journal, posted April 5, 2011.